Recommended HERBAL and SUPPLEMENT Companies


Here is a listing of the companies I use and recommend often to my patients. Most of these companies sell their products only to qualified, licensed professionals. However, all of their products can be ordered from me via telephone or via email at a discounted price! Please feel free to call or email for prices!!.


MediNatura (formerly BHI-Heel, Inc. in the US)

Leading Homotoxicology Company

Favorite products: Manufacturer of the flagship arnica-based product T-Relief (formerly Traumeel).  T-Relief is available in many forms (in topical creme, tabs, drops).


EcoNugenics, Inc.

Anti-cancer nutraceutical products: Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) formulator

Favorite products: Pectasol-C (Modified Citrus Pectin), Ten Mushroom Formula, BreastDefend and ProstaCaid.


Evergreen Herbs

Traditional and Modern Chinese Herbal Formulas
Favorite products: Immune+, Circulation (SJ), Liver DTX, Ba Zheng San, many acute and chronic joint pain formulas (back, neck, shoulder, and knee)


Frontier Natural Products

A natural products Co-op that sells bulk western herbs (primarily), including organic and wild-crafted herbs. Additionally, this company is a distributor of many vitamin and herb companies.

Favorite products: Bach's Rescue Remedy, Rainbow Light Advanced Enzymes and Candida Cleanse, Zand Insure Herbal and many more!


Lotus Light Enterprises

Another wholesale distributor of health and wellness products.


Mayway Corporation

Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas

Favorite products: Xiao Yao Wan (PMS), Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (diarrhea/prolapse), Yun Nan Bai Yao (to stop bleeding), Li Dan Pian (Gallbladder stones), Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji (anti-bacterial and anti-viral tea; excellent for a sore throat/fever), Chuan Xin Lian (very effective anti-viral), Curing Pills ('cures' most digestive complaints), Yin Qiao San (for common cold/flu) and many more!


Metagenics Corporation

Functional Medicine and Nutraceutical (Research-oriented Nutrition) Company

Favorite products: OmegaGenics (fish oil line), Myocalm PM, ChondroCare, Lipotain, and many more!


FullScript (formerly Natural Partners, Inc.)

Wholesale distributor of many herbal and supplement companies to Licensed Healthcare Providers.  My patients can now set up an account directly with this distributor and purchase my recommended products directly, with shipment to their residence.


Professional Complementary Health Formulas

Another Homotoxicology Company (many unique products, including detoxification from common allergens, chemicals, etc.)

Favorite products: Anti-Stress Drops, Seratonin/Dopamine Liquescence, SAMe Liquescence, Gallbladder Drops, and many more!


Thorne Research, Inc.

Another quality nutruceutical company that sells only to licensed practitioners. 

Favorite products: Deproloft, Meriva (Curcumin).