Apr 242019

This is a handout for a brief talk I did in April 2019 at a Butte College yoga class:
Natural Medicine for Digestion, Stress and Trauma. It is only an brief introduction to the subject of easily accessible herbs for digestion, stress and trauma, geared towards the college student or lay person.

Jan 202014

This is a study showing that the homeopathic topical creme Traumeel is as effective as a very commonly prescribed NSAID creme: Traumeel Creme for Ankle Sprain

At the center of this extremely powerful natural, homeopathic anti-inflammatory creme, which is most often prescribed for musculoskeletal injuries but is also very useful for any type of arthritic joint pain, is the herb Arnica Montana. Arnica can easily be considered the most commonly used remedy in the homeopathic “Materia Medica” in the world. Varieties of Arnica have been used for centuries in the US by Native Americans, who used it topically for bruising (it is considered toxic for internal use unless it is prepared homeopathically).

Traumeel Creme
Note that the allopathic NSAID topical creme used in this comparison study has the serious side effects of increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke, and both stomach and intestinal bleeding.1, 2 This only highlights another reason to use this natural anti-inflammatory creme that actually promotes healing with no side effects vs. an allopathic topical NSAID!

1Medline: Diclofenac topical creme
2Drugs.com: Diclofenac topical creme

Nov 292012

Dear Sheryl,

Thank you SO MUCH for aiding in my extraordinarily speedy recovery from my total knee replacement surgery, which I had on June 25, 2012. I owe much of it to your skillful acupuncture techniques, very specific herbs, and your expert advice on nutrition and other helpful suggestions, before and after my surgery.

I have well surpassed the expectations of my surgeon, Charles E. Wilhite, M.D., nurses and physical therapists. Not only am I experiencing more flexibility (up to the maximum), but less swelling and redness around the incision. My incision is getting smaller by the day and I’ve been told by my surgeon that it will be nearly invisible sooner than expected. He said outright, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

I have also had other problems that you have been able to help me with. You have worked wonders for injuries sustained by me a few years after being struck and rolled over on by a car in 2000. At the time I was being treated by a chiropractor with a “cooky cutter” approach for a few years until you were recommended by my massage therapist, Elizabeth Evans, CMT, who worked on me in the same chiropractor’s office. Recently you saved me from having risky surgery on the vertebrae in my neck by your remarkable acupuncture techniques.

If someone were to ask me to pick only one health care provider, it will be you!

Thank you again,
Arleen P.
Magalia, CA

Jun 212012

I came to Sheryl after I’d been to 2 other acupuncture practitioners. She is by far the best. I came with tendonitis in my thumb. She really helped me. Then I had sciatica and it was gone in one treatment. Also, I’ve been helped with the Traumeel she recommended for my arthritis pain. Also, the sinus nasal spray she sold me is great. My doctor prescribed some that I can’t tell anything has changed. So I use only the spray Sheryl sold me.

Thanks Sheryl!!!
Frances Westra