Dec 072011

My general protocol is:

1) Krill Oil: 2g/day or Fish Oil: 3g/day (less expensive than Krill Oil)
(Brands: Thorne for Krill Oil, Metagenics for Fish Oil)

2) Policosanol: 1/day
(Brand: Metagenics Cholarest)

3) Niacinamide: 1000mg/day
(Brand: Metagenics Alapars)

4) Folic Acid/B12: 600 mcg of B12
(Brand: Professional Complementary Health Formulas Homocysteine Spray)

If cholesterol levels do not normalize within 3 months, add:
5) Red Yeast Rice: 1200 mg w/ CoQ10 30 mg (minimum). Preferred: w/ CoQ10, 100 mg/day.
(Brand: Doctor’s Best)

NOTE: Red Yeast Rice can affect the liver, so yearly liver function tests are recommended.

Although I highly recommend not using statin drugs, if you are taking a statin drug for reducing hyperlipidemia, the anti-oxidant CoQ10 is definitely needed. See brief article about statin drug use and CoQ10.