Mar 302016

Here’s an article about one of my favorite Chinese herbs:
The Cold Remedy That Actually Works!

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Top Chinese Herb for Immune System Support

Sep 222012

Great article summarizing using Chinese Herbal Medicine for treating viral infections, specifically focused on the H1N1 virus. Chinese Herbal Medicine and the novel H1N1 virus
This article is written for the Chinese Medicine professional, but referred to here to educate the public as to how viral infections such as influenza can be treated with Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Jan 092012

“A recent study published in The Lancet: Infectious Diseases showed that for every 100 people who are vaccinated, only 1.5 were prevented from getting the flu”1. Furthermore, the abstract summary states “Evidence for protection in adults aged 65 years or older is lacking.”2 However, this study does suggest that influenza vaccinations show 75% efficacy over 12 years of for the age group of 6 months to 7 years.2

Note that the flu vaccine is now marketed to all population groups, and especially the elderly, and this research study shows that it basically is only effective for children under 7!! So why then is it marketed to everyone? Capitalism is why, not true health concerns!!
1. Aspinwall, Mary. “Contagion Season! The Flu and You: What to Do. Homeopathy Today“. Winter 2011: 41.
2.The Lancet: Infectious Diseases
(accessed December 21, 2011).

Nov 022011

Quotes from Dr. Julian Whitaker’s November 2011 newsletter: “several review studies involving hundreds of clinical trials and several hundred thousand people have concluded that, for most children and adults, there is little scientific support for annual influenza vaccinations. Even if they prevent the flu – a big ‘if’ – 80 percent of all flu-like illnesses are caused by viruses and bacteria not targeted by the vaccine.” and “Furthermore, many flu vaccines contain thimerosal, which is 50 percent ethyl mercury, the most toxic biologic poison on earth. Ethyl mercury is so toxic the EPA requires full protective gear and self-contained air for workers cleaning up 200 parts per billion (ppb). A flu shot contains close to 25,000 ppb!”

Basically there is more marketing hype than scientific basis around the idea that all Americans should get flu shots – keep in mind that I say ‘Americans’ – flu vaccinations are not done like this anywhere else in the world! (Why do you think even grocery stores are marketing flu vaccines? It is about $$$ and playing to your fear of being ill for a few days!!!)

Please think about natural alternatives to prevent the flu!! (And if you do get it, remember that there are herbal medicinals to help treat the flu too)!

Oct 042011

My simple Flu Prevention advice originally written in Winter 2009, when the H1N1 virus was rampant (kept it brief to hand out to patients)!

Treating Influenza and Viral Infections using Natural Medicine

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Sep 012011

Dr. Jake Fratkin is an American scholar of Chinese Medicine. This is his October 2009 article on this topic. This article’s target audience is for Chinese Medicine professionals, but it is a great summary article discussing Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment for influenza in general.

Condensed version also published at Acupuncture Today, a professional journal.

Aug 312011

Everything you should know about the flu, or inluenza! An Excellent newsletter written by Adam Atman, L.Ac. in October 2009, in the midst of the Swine Flu/H1N1 panic (wish I spent the time to write all this myself!) This highly-researched newsletter covers the issue completely: Discusses the issue from should you decide to get the flu vaccine to criticism over the hype about the ‘flu epidemic’ to recommendations on how to keep yourself healthy naturally! Timely information for every winter, I say:
Adam Atman, L.Ac., October 2009 newsletter