Neurological Disorders

Feb 232017

Smell Test Outperforms Brain Imaging in Predicting Dementia

Research showing the link between loss of sense of smell and Alzheimer’s disease dates back as far as 2002, with this small study showing a “classification accuracy of 95%”. Sounds like an easy, low-cost tool that the medical community should routinely use to help patients and their families prepare to prevent and/or treat this increasingly common health tragedy!

Please note that natural medicine, especially including nutritional support1 (which is much more comprehensive than just your ‘diet’ and what you food you eat), exercise2, and Traditional Chinese Medicine3, all offer many benefits for preventing dementia.


1 Dr. Daniel Weber’s 2012 Health Research Report on Dementia/Alzheimer’s
2 Expert panel achieved consensus on the following statement: “Regular participation in physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease…”
3 Review Article: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Senile Dementia

A sampling of Traditional Chinese herbal formulas for brain and cognitive function.

Apr 042014
Butterfly on Blossoms

Article published in Lotus Guide, April/May/Jun 2014 issue:

Gluten Summit Report: The Triple A Threat of Gluten Sensitivity – Autoimmune Disease, Arthritis and Alzheimer’s

Dec 082012

Research: Stimulation of Acupuncture Point Activates Neural Responses Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

Research showing that several areas in the brain responds to Acupuncture, and in this case, specific areas that are involved in Parkinson’s Disease. Conclusion of research: Acupuncture may be effective in improving the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

May 082012

Heavenly Herbs and Acupuncture Newsletter:

Spring: A Time for Cleansing and New Personal Care Products?

This newsletter includes a few book reviews also.

Dec 012011

Excellent summary of how to avoid causative actions of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and how to use natural medicine to prevent it! (from Townsend Letter, The Examiner of Alternative Medicine) How to Heal Alzheimer’s Disease

Avoid Aluminum: Everyone knows this by now, but what must of us don’t know is that all the baked goods (breads, pastries, pancakes, etc.) we consume are made with baking powder with aluminum. Alum is also used in purifying of water in city water treatment plants and fluoride “greatly enhances the absorption of aluminum”. We also get aluminum in our bodies from using standard OTC antiperspirants and deodorants, especially those that are sprays (it is inhaled as well as absorbed dermally).
Exposure to heavy metals, like mercury: Do oral chelation agents, long-term (suggestions will be added later) and maintain normal hormonal levels.
High Homocysteine levels: Common with cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, taking NSAIDS like acetaminophen and certain antibiotics. (Note: MDs are just now becoming familiar with this but will often test the blood level of Homocysteine when one has cardiovascular disease.)
Eat an anti-inflammatory diet (whole foods and less animal foods).
Drink pure water.
– Take supplements such as a high dosage B Complex, vinpocetine, and Lithium Aspartate.

I recommend the following combination now: Pure Encapsulations Memory Pro and Doctor’s Best Lithium Asparate. Memory Pro is a great combination product to support brain function. It contains Bacopa and Gingko, both known to increase memory, Tumeric known as a great anti-inflammatory herb, and Resveratrol, the great anti-oxidant known to be found in red wine or grapes (here it is from a Chinese herb, Polygonum, as is most Resveratrol in supplements).