Jun 212012

My general recommendations for treating Peripheral Neuropathy (PNP):

1. Acupuncture
Acupuncture helps increase the vascular supply or blood circulation to the nerves. See item below for article about PNP and Acupuncture.

2. Diet
PNP is typically caused by diabetes, although it can have other causes such as lower back injuries and chemotherapy. If due to diabetes, the first and foremost recommendation is to maintain healthy, normal blood glucose levels – this is of utmost importance to prevent neuropathy. This is best done by avoiding carbohydrates in your diet, especially wheat products since wheat, whole or refined, is a high glycemic index food. (see my book review article of Wheat Belly)

3. Nutriceutical support
*Chromium – a mineral supplement known to help regulate blood glucose levels (generally also used to help with sugar cravings)
*Alpha Lipoic Acid – an anti-oxidant, 600 mg/day – see A-Lipoic Acid Monograph (Clinical Indications summary)
*Benfotiamine, a specialized B vitamin for vascular function (and correspondingly, for nerve health) – see article about Benfotiamine

4. Chinese herbal medicinals
There are many possible Chinese herbal formulas to help with PNP. The prescription will depend upon the diagnosis of the practitioner. One common one I will use is Flex (NP), by Evergreen Herbs. It is a very complex, and therefore useful, formula for nerve pain and neuropathy.

5. Exercise
Exercise increases blood circulation, so patients with PNP will also benefit from this.

6. General
Dry Brushing

7. Additional information
Reference article about PNP and Acupuncture